What Benefits are Available for Veterans?

Video Transcript

Howard Krooks, CELA | Boca Raton, FL

My name is Howard Krooks, I’m a Certified Elder Law Attorney. I practice in New York and Florida and have been practicing in this area for 23 years. Uh, one of the things that, uh, I find coming up more and more is that I’m being approached by veterans who are concerned about how to pay for the cost for long term care and wondering whether there are any benefits that are available to them through the Veterans Administration. Many of them are surprised when I tell them that in fact there are benefits that are available to assist with the cost of long term care, and relieved to know that the Veterans Administration has such a program for people who need those kinds of services.

There are essentially two types of Veterans Administration Benefits. One is called: Disability Compensation. Disability Compensation pertains to an individual who was injured during—uh during their service to the country. But even if you do not have a service connected disability, if you served one day during war time, uh, then you can qualify for the Aid and Attendance benefit, even if your current situation is unrelated to any service connected injury that you may have suffered. That is a little known fact amongst Veterans, but a very important one because even if you were not injured during war time or as a result of your service to the country, you may still qualify just by virtue of the fact that you are a veteran for the Aid and Attendance benefit.

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