Benefits of Being a Certified Elder Law Attorney

Benefits of Becoming a CELA®

The NELF Website
Once a Certified Elder Law Attorney (CELA), your name and firm information are added to the NELF website directory. The recently updated NELF website is easy to use and efficiently promotes CELAs to the public as well as assisting CELAs in advancing their knowledge of elder law.

CELA ListServ
As a CELA, you have the opportunity to communicate electronically in discussions on substantive issues as well as practice management and development issues, and receive immediate feedback from hundreds of members throughout the country.

The Practicum
The National Elder Law Practicum consists of lectures in those areas of law defined by NELF as being required knowledge for those who are specialists in the practice of elder and special needs law.  The lectures are a great benefit to both CELAs needing to brush up on an area of law in which they may not regularly practice, or CELA applicants who wish to have a starting point for studying for the exam. As a CELA, you have direct access to the lectures in the members section of the NELF website, free of charge!

Whiteboard Videos
The Elder Law Whiteboard is a video series, produced by the National Elder Law Foundation with help from CELAs from around the country. It is designed for the public as a resource to answer some of the basic questions about elder law. CELAs have the ability to link the whiteboard videos to their websites, free of charge.

Social Media
NELF is pleased to announce we now have a Facebook page! Make sure to “Like” the National Elder Law Foundation’s page and help promote what it means to be a Certified Elder Law Attorney.



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