Becoming a CELA®

Becoming a CELA

Are you interested in becoming a Certified Elder Law Attorney?  This section of our website has been designed specifically for you.  We have compiled a number of resources to help potential members review for the exam, understand certification better, and see all of the benefits of being a Certified Elder Law Attorney and NELF member.

Below you will find articles that are specifically written for attorneys interested in certification, NELF rules and regulations, the qualifications for becoming certified, upcoming exam dates, and links to download forms and applications.  If you have any further questions please contact us.


Below you will find a selection of articles targeted toward attorneys, both those who are already certified and those interested in becoming certified.

The CELA Exam: No Harder than it Needs to Be

In order to obtain certification as an Elder Law at­torney from the National...

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In addition to other qualifications required to become a certified elder law attorney, you must pass the CELA exam, which is currently administered twice a year.  While there is no specific “study guide” for the CELA exam, NELF has compiled a range of resources to help attorneys increase their understanding of elder law topics and be better prepared for the exam.  These resources include written materials, videos, and links to other literature, including treatises, NAELA publications, and other materials.


In addition to the recognition of being an expert in the field of elder law, the National Elder Law Foundation provides its members with numerous exclusive benefits ranging from the exposure of the NELF website, educational materials, communication and collaboration with other CELA’s, access to the NELF Practicum training series, use of the Elder Law Whiteboard video series on member’s websites, and more.  You can explore these and other benefits by clicking here.



The National Elder Law Foundation (NELF) has issued its Rules and Regulations regarding certification of elder law attorneys.


A summary of the qualifications for certification in elder law. Please consult the Rules and Regulations for complete information.


Are you interested in taking the CELA Exam?  Click below to see upcoming exam dates, exam rules, and other information about the CELA Exam.


Short Form

The short-form application is the first step in beginning the certification process.  This form initiates the process of becoming a Certified Elder Law Attorney.  Use the link below to download the short form application.

Long Form

The long-form application must be completed before certification can be finalized.  It can be filled out either before or after passing the CELA exam.  Use the link below to download the long form application

Recertification Application

All Certified Elder Law Attorneys must submit an application for re-certification every five years.  Use the link below to download the re-certification application.

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